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Statewide Issues

Property Taxes

Property Taxes

  • Double the homestead exemption cap for cities and counties from 20% of home value to 40% of home value

  • Reform the Appraisal Review Board process. If a property owner gets a certified third-party appraisal, the CAD has to accept the value

Border Security

Border Security

  • Enforce existing laws
  • Comprehensive border protection; build the wall in dense urban areas, high-tech solutions in more remote areas
  • Use the “Remain in Mexico” protocols
  • Dramatically increase funding for border security, since the federal government won’t do their job.


Modernize the power grid. Incentivize increased power generation to bring down the costs of energy for Texas families



Provide a state franchise tax credit (and/or sales tax rebate) to incentivize the construction of more homes to bring down the cost of housing. Increasing the supply of homes available to Texas families will bring down the cost of housing.



Support and defend parent’s right to decide what education is best for their child.

Local Issues


  • Get the Clear Creek project moving to protect residents from flooding
  • Review the scope of plans for TxDOT FM 518 expansion


  • Improve road safety on Hwy 35 north and south of Alvin
  • Support the creation of a new hospital in Alvin
  • Accelerate the construction of the Grand Parkway
  • Add an exit along the grand parkway for Mustang Road to ACC


  • Design and build Akery Lake to protect citizens and businesses from flooding
  • Increase transportation funding at 288 and Hwy 6
  • Assist in Getting Manvel autonomy to manage Hwy 6 traffic controls

Iowa Colony

Assist in obtaining consistent trash and recycling service


Review the drainage plans and funding for infrastructure throughout the county