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Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott

Governor of Texas

“Alex Kamkar is a true conservative fighter who will be a crucial ally in helping me pass conservative priorities in Austin,” said Governor Abbott. “As a successful businessman and Pearland City Council member, Alex understands that cutting property taxes is crucial to our state’s economic success. I know I can count on Alex to help me secure our southern border and expand school choice for all Texas families. Please join me in supporting Alex Kamkar for State Representative from House District 29.”

Ted Cruz - US Senator

Ted Cruz

US Senator

Dan Patrick - Lieutenant Governor of Texas

Dan Patrick

Lieutenant Governor of Texas

Vivek Ramaswamy - Fmr. Presidential Candidate

Vivek Ramaswamy

Fmr. Presidential Candidate

“Educational choice is the civil rights issue of our time: parents, not the government, should determine the education of their children. I’m proud to endorse parental rights champion, Alex Kamkar, in his run-off election on May 28.”

TLR - Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC Logo

Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC

“TLRPAC supports candidates who understand that a fair and efficient legal system is a critical pillar of the Texas Miracle. Alex Kamkar is a principled conservative and successful businessman. As a Pearland City Council member, Alex is uniquely aware of the challenges and opportunities facing HD 29, and is committed to serving his community. TLRPAC is proud to support him.”
– TLR Executive Director Mary Tipps

Senator Mayes Middleton Profile

Senator Mayes Middleton

Texas Senate District 11

“Alex Kamkar is the Conservative choice in this race. He has been a consistent fighter for the taxpayer.”

Julie Pickren Profile

Julie Pickren

State Board of Education

“Whether he was battling for fiscal sanity, standing up for our police, or championing Parent’s Rights, Alex has proven he will fight for a safe and prosperous future for our kids. He has my complete support for HD 29.”

Rob Giesecke Profile

Rob Giesecke

Port Freeport Commissioner

“Alex Kamkar is the Fiscal Hawk in this race. He has a proven track record of fighting to lower the burden on the families paying taxes.”

Andrew Pikoff Profile

Andrew Pikoff

Brazoria County Real Estate Leader

“Alex has been a consistent champion for families trying to live their American Dream in HD 29.”

Harry Opliger Profile

Harry Opliger

Manvel City Council

“I believe Alex is the right person to represent everyone in HD 29. He has our back – help me in supporting Alex Kamkar.”

Joe Schneider Profile

Joe Schneider

Alvin Business Leader

“I wholeheartedly support Alex Kamkar for State Representative for HD 29. While others say they’re conservative, Alex is the only real conservative in race who has proven he fights for our values and doesn’t care about other politicians liking him - that’s Alex Kamkar. I’m supporting him because he will fight as hard as it takes to advance conservative values and protect the taxpayer.”

Joel Castro Profile

Joel Castro

Alvin City Council

“Alex Kamkar is the proven principled conservative candidate that we need to fight for us to deliver on real property tax solutions, infrastructure issues, border crisis, and parental rights. Too many Texans are suffering from government overreach which is why we need a conservative champion. Alex is known for being the watchdog for tax payers and a fighter for everyday Texans. This is why I’m proud endorse Alex Kamkar to be our next conservative state representative!”

Ken Moore Profile

Ken Moore

SREC District 11/Pct 46 Chairman

“As a member of Pearland City Council, Alex Kamkar has been a bulldog on taxes and spending. When I got word the HD 29 was going to be open, Alex was the first person I thought of as a potential candidate.”

Cindy Simpson Profile

Cindy Simpson

Pct. 26 Chairwoman

“Alex Kamkar is the most fiscal and social conservative in this race. When it comes to the middle class, Alex is the ONLY one looking out for the people of Brazoria County”

Diane Leaverton Profile

Diane Leaverton

Pct. 61 Chairwoman

“I’m supporting Alex for State Rep because he made fiscally conservative decisions while on City Council, and he’s not afraid to go against the status quo to represent his constituents.”